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LOC-DROP® LOCatable DROP Fiber Repair Housing


LOC-DROP® LOCatable DROP Fiber Repair Housing
Fiber Repair Housing


Today’s subscribers are more sensitive to service outages than ever before. Service Providers strive to locate and resolve service outages quickly and cost effectively. The LOC-DROP® fiber repair enclosure offers an economical alternative to replacing a subscriber’s severed fiber drop cable. LOC-DROP® is a robust, permanent repair solution used in aerial or buried deployments.

The LOC-DROP® Fast Repair kit provides a complete assembly of two housings interconnected with a SC/APC terminated micro-armored cable for quicker restoration times.

Robust, weatherproof thermoplastic housing
Housing supports fusion splicing (2) and SC
    connector bulkhead
Fast repair kit for where fiber slack is not available
Direct bury, strand, wall or pole mounting
Tracer wire connection point to maintain continuity for
    underground cable locating
Optional strand mount bracket kit for aerial installations

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