SFP Testing
Battery Monitoring


SFP Reader and Fiber Optic Test Device

The SFP CHECK +LIGHT connects to a standard PC/laptop via a USB cable and uses the default web browser to display SFP details such as wavelength, description, range, manufacturer, etc . When used with an SFP that supports SFF-8472 digital diagnostics, the SFP CHECK displays the SFPs measurements of transmit and receive signal levels and laser bias current.

The SFP CHECK +LIGHT may also be used in testing fiber optics. An SFP plugged into an SFP CHECK +LIGHT, provides a light source enabling an optical power meter to test levels at various points in the fiber optic path. SFP selection enables testing fiber optic networks that incorporate CWDM and DWDM splitters, long range paths, and various data rates. In this application, an SFP CHECK +LIGHT may be powered from an AC outet.

Used by SFP manufactures, Central Office and field technicians, and inventory control personnel, the SFP CHECK +Light simplifies SFP identification and testing and supports fiber optic testing.

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Battery Monitoring Device

The OS-CTRL-B002 enables remote monitoring of -48V Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries so that your team has the information needed to react before there is a critical network outage. This device provides access through an internal network for on-demand viewing of battery health. Pre-configured SNMP traps simplify integration with monitoring systems such as Solar Winds and provide immediate notification of alarm conditions including low battery, low time to discharge, and extreme temperature conditions.

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